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The Emergence of Breezy Ridge Vineyard…

Welcome to Breezy Ridge Vineyard, we hope you enjoy our new blog section & embark on the journey with us!

It all began in May 2014 upon returning from our honeymoon; a 5 acre vineyard had been planted in the same field where our marquee wedding was hosted in West Melbury. Knowing absolutely zilch about viticulture and what it was going to take to maintain a vineyard, we were in for the long haul. We quickly found ourselves in the great, knowledgeable hands of Daniel Ham now of Offbeat Wines and former head wine maker at Langham wine estate. Dan quickly provided us with a consultation service and took on the important role of contract winemaker.

Over time, our viticulture knowledge has been on a steep upward learning path and we find ourselves solely responsible for the overall maintenance and upkeep of the vineyard. There is so much work to be done throughout the course of a year: Starting in the middle of Winter with gentle pruning, followed by tying on; as we move into early Spring we begin the summer pruning exercise and trailing up of the vines through the wires; over the Summer months as the fruit continues to grow, regular trimming back and leaf stripping never ends. We finally reap the rewards when harvesting in early Autumn. We will deep dive into a day in the life of a vineyard in our future blogs!

Breezy Ridge Vineyard

Running a vineyard is not as glamorous as many people think and amongst the hustle and bustle of vineyard life we are super busy people spinning many plates. The vineyard is very much a family affair, where often we find ourselves accompanied by 3 small people. Dexter (4.5yrs), Harry (3.5yrs) and our newest addition Francesca (7 months) who love to run around, play in the mud, drive tractors and occasionally have a stab at helping with the real work.

The vineyard is a tranquil and peaceful place, surrounded by the beautiful rolling hills of North Dorset. Not only are we surrounded by the beautiful natural scenery, but we often have new friends, including Deer, Pheasants and House Martins who come to check out what we are up to. The sounds and sights from within the the vineyard are carefully linked to our branding and naming convention plugged to our fun, natural wines!

In our next edition we will be talking to you about our vision and the vibes that you can expect when we open our doors!

In the meantime, why not check out our collection of English Sparkling Wines

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